Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

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Mosi-oa Tunya popularly known as Victoria Falls is the place that can make anyone go silent in awe. The thunder that roars from the proud falls is enough to speak for just about everyone. The indigenous name of the falls Mosi-oa Tunya actually means the smoke that thunders. The mile wide waterfalls plummets over 625 million liters of water over the edge to the Zambezi River. The sight as you can imagine is to kill for. With its spectacular dimensions taken into account, Victoria falls is the largest waterfalls the world has to offer creating the biggest and the most amazing water curtains anyone’s eyes could land on. No wonder the place is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

There are mainly five waterfalls divided according to their heights that are in whole called the Victoria Falls. The height of the chasm varies from 70 meters to 108 meters. The Victoria Falls is a beauty that is the combination of the Devil’s Cataract, Main Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Rainbow Falls and the Eastern Cataract. The mere combination of these five falls creates the breathtaking wonder that the Victoria Falls is all about. It is gigantic and there are only a few people whose breath isn’t taken away euphorically for a few seconds by the sight that it presents.

The first thing a traveler should do after reaching the Victoria Falls city is to visit its namesake falls. It is a top priority since let’s face it, there’ll be very little to remember what you wasted time one before you visited the Victoria Falls. You will want to cherish the moment the sound of the water kissing the land below hits your ear and the sight you see the first thing in the town. There are plenty of other activities to keep you busy but Victoria Falls is number one in that list.

When you remember to catch your breath after the visit to Victoria Falls, be prepared to lose it all over again. The city of Victoria Falls is all about blissfully forgetting to breathe. For true adrenaline seeker, you have your promising adrenaline pumping bungee option. Imagine the beasty beauty of falls roaring and sharing the height with the falls and now picture being the water that falls over the edge! It’s the experience that can match none. Bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge is an euphemism of converting oneself into a tiniest drop of water that is being swayed away by the Falls and taking the leap that the water takes every single day. A true adrenaline junkie will regret missing out on this leap.

And then there is something as magnificent as white water rafting. If you had any doubts about just how gutsy you are then go test it rafting in the Zambezi rapids. The trip can take half a day to five days depending on your need for rush. The Batoka Gorge is the best that the white water rafting all over the world can offer. It has twenty three whitewater rapids that will truly be a feast to anyone looking for adventure. For those who prefer to swim rather row, then there’s the Devil’s pool. You can literally go swimming on top of the waterfalls (guides are strongly recommended). There is something called a Devil’s Armchair right at the last inch of the edge where you can take a seat and feel the thunderous waterfall roar in protest of your presence. The swim is for the brave hearted people only.

For those of the saner minds and looking for a pleasant trip to last for a lifetime, no worries Victoria Falls can be just as lovely as it can be adventurous. The option for you will be Elephant Safari. Riding the beast to view the majestic beauty will truly be an experience to cherish. And there are sunset cruises on the Zambezi River. If you think you’ve already seen the waterfalls and have no need to see the sunset, you’re dead wrong. The delicious mixture of orangey sunset view mixed with the sound of thunders will be something that you will talk about for ages. The romance of the light, the sound, the water and rainbow (if you’re lucky) will make your being there worthwhile. It will be the perfect way to end your day and a sight that words will be unable to describe precisely no matter just how good you are with words. And there’s the high tea for the morning people. You can travel back to the colonial times and enjoy the high tea that the Victoria Falls hotel has to offer. It is a perfect peaceful setting for a quiet family time while enjoying the view rainbows and the water falls from your comfortable seat. And there’s always tiger fishing, wildlife viewings and horse rides to make your trip complete.

Once you reach South Africa, you should have no difficulty reaching the Victoria Falls town. The means of transportation is easily your choice with the options of plane, train or other by road vehicles. The hotel rooms needs to be pre-booked if you are planning to make your stay safe and smooth. The Victoria Falls travel can be of any duration from 4 days to 8 days depending on the list of activities you’re planning to do. The complete Victoria Falls tour can be experienced with approximately 25000 ZAR (approx. 2500$). Of course you could bring along extra cash just in case you feel spontaneous and decide to take the famous Flight of the Angels which gives you the best of all view of the falls. You will not regret the spending, at the end of the tour.

A visit to Victoria Falls is sure to end with an all smiles tourist returning to their home with a story of a lifetime.

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