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Maldives Island : The Last Paradise on Earth

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Maldives is a small island country with almost 1190 islands. It lies around 300 miles away from south of India and 450 miles away from south west of Sri Lanka. Its population is 328,536 (2012) inhabits only 192 of total 1990 islands. Maldives is the smallest and least populated country on the earth.The natural beauty and these small islands has been the center of attraction of the tourist. Tourist experience a glimpse of eco tourism. Tourism in Maldives is developed with ecological consideration and is the main source of income and accounts 70 percent of Maldives GDP. This year in November 24 2013 Maldives crossed its target of 1 million tourists. Data says that most tourists are from Asia while Eastern Europe contributes largely to the figure. China top the list on the tourist arrival to Maldives this year. The Maldivian government is attempting to double tourism-related investment of 6.6 million U.S. dollars


Each island of Maldives has clean, impeccable and smooth white sands, the coconut trees and the clear blue sea making it the last paradise on earth. Maldives beauty is peerless and its beaches are the perfect place to spend you vacation. The sea are calm and peace with no bigger waves to disturb you. The reason for small waves are, its is surrounded by a ring shape coral reef island. Probably swimming is one of the most loved activities tourist prefer in Maldives with no sharks and its babies around. The clean maintenance and its natural tropical atmosphere makes this one of the best tourist beaches in the whole world. Maldives underwater scenery is no less than its beaches.  Its seawater is less salty and its temperature between 25-30 Celsius make it ideal to swim.


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Maldives can be a man’s life reduced to simplest. From blue sky, clear blue sea, all year sunshine to activities like fishing, diving, snorkeling in blue lagoon the temperature of bath water. A true paradise on Earth. But this paradise are not for every one. It’s a place where money speaks. So your vacation to Maldives can get costly but undoubtedly worthy.

One and only Reethi  Rah

Of all the famous resorts of Maldives One and only Reethi Rah is the most talked about. Located at North Male Atoll of Maldives. One and only Reethi rah offers you the infinity pool and a peaceful private beach. It’s a luxurious tropical gateway that overlooks Indian Ocean. Its is only 1 and half hour luxury yatch ride or for speed lovers, 45 minute speed boat from Male International Airport. Internet and cables can be enjoyed on all room of one an only Reethi Rah. It offers 130 private resort villas. They are separate along the shore either on the beach secluded by lush tropical protected waters of the lagoon.




reethi rah

Angsana velavaru

Angsana velavaru is the new resort made by over taking a last mid range Resort Island in Maldives. The last resort suffered Tsunami. The new resort will give you a very Asian feel. The lavish beachfront villas with pools are splendid and opulent. Unlike the over water bungalows the new resort has a kilometer long secluded villas connected by boats. The individual stand along villas has the entire feature from swimming pool to outdoor bathroom to terraces and day beds.





Filitheyo Island Resort

Located around 60 km from south of ari atoll , Filitheyo is the only island on north of Nilande atoll . It has been developed by careful consideration of  to the eco system. Dense plantation of palm and rubber trees, mangroves and scaebola trees surrounds the Filitheyo. Guest staying at Filitheyo five star hotels can choose to whether stay at the stunning beach villas or idyllic water villas. Filitheyo island resort is famous among the honeymooners, divers and snorkelers. The stunning house reef surrounds the Filitheyo Island that make this island extra especial to divers. Since they can directly jump from the resort.

filitheyo resort islnad



Medhufushi Island Resort

Medhufushi Island resort lies on the southern atolls. It’s a perfect option for those who are looking for some serious diving. The resort is a 5 star hotels with 112 villas. It an ultimate destination to unwind and relax. Medhufushi is surrounded by crystal clear lagoon and fringed by soft white sandy beaches. Tourist can choose between the authentic and traditional villas, which are quite spacious, or the modern or complementary water villas.  For peace seekers, the resort has a separate two stand alone villas as well. Medhufushi island resort is perfect and ideal for people who are just learning to dive , swimming air sailing. And for some experienced people the best place to dive in the are is just 20 minutes boat ride.




Zitahli Kuda-Funafaru Resort

Zitahli Kuda-Funafaru is a 5 star resort. It has 50 stylish villas together. A tourist will get an experience of some kind of modern yet a designed to inspire peace and calmness. Zitahli will definitely give you an experience of paradise with open air bathroom with free standing bath-tubs and a blue oceanic view. Guest have an option to whether choose beach villas or the aqua villas, both with and without private pool. For those who choose the beach villas, they get to enjoy a private sunbathing deck.

Zitahli Kuda-Funafaru Resort




Bathala Island Resort

A 270 meters long and 150 meters wide, Bathala island resort lies on the eastern part of North ari atoll. It location near the north aril atoll makes it near to the diving site such as Fish head and Maya Thila which has been a major reason for attracting divers. Island resort is surrounded by beautiful house reef, which makes the stay at Bathala resort more adventurous. Since we can directly jump from the resort. Bathala resort is surrounded by 30 different diving sites . Few of them are the famous sports like Fish Head , Maga Thila , Shark point and Wreck of Halaveli. These diving sties are with in a reach of 5-60 minutes of boat ride. Bathala is truly a Maldivian diver’s Island.The resort has a 46 ari-conditioned bungalows. Bungalows are surrounded by palm trees, gum trees, mangroves and Scaevola trees.




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